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  • Designed, expanded and operated a Family Life Center providing over 750 additional client contact hours a year with only one full-time therapist and one practice manager using volunteer interns resulting in a savings of over $100,000 a year.

  • Supervised a highly diverse team of 8 professional therapists, interns and support personnel while maintaining a full caseload of 10-15 clients per week.

  • Provided at least 8 hours of individual and group supervision weekly to meet three separate university’s requirements, client’s well-being and intern’s developmental needs.

  • Provided frontline therapy for soldiers facing the horrors of war, including the best practices of EMDR for treatment of PTSD and other associated ailments of trauma survivors.

  • Provided clinically proven interventions for relationships suffering from the aftermath of frequent separations and the stressors of combat, addictions, and childhood trauma.

  • Upheld all policies, procedures and legal and ethical standards applicable to my professional environment, including coordination with outside adjunct professional agencies.

  • Conducted all required evaluations of student interns and post-masters supervisees and submitted them to the appropriate entities in a timely manner.

  • Professionally managed the seamless transfer of authority and duties to the next Center Director, including professionally safeguarding client confidentiality.

  • Maintained ordination, endorsement and an active congregational life.

  • Served as Expert Guest lecturer at both Austin Peay State University and Columbus State University graduate level counseling courses bringing my clinical expertise and experiences to bear on the shaping of the next generation of therapists.

  • Provided over 50 workshops and seminars on topics ranging from Surviving Deployment and Separation, Making the Most of Your Marriage, Working with Angry Couples in the Therapy Room, How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk®, PREP®, Couples Communication®, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families®, Solving the People Puzzle®, How to Speak Soldier, and Coping with Kids.


  • Supervisor/Senior Advisor, Fort Benning, GA 2012-2014

  • Center Director and Clinical Supervisor , Fort Campbell, KY 2008-2012

  • Supervisor/Mentor/Clinician, DOD 1997-2007

  • Acute Psychiatric and Addictions Hospital Chaplain, Holyoke, MA 1992-1997

  • Rochester Christian Church Ministries, Rochester, NY 1985-1988









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